Have you dreamt of having your own
backyard beehive?

Backyard beekeeping is the most amazing hobby anyone could imagine but an unmanaged hive doesn't thrive. So don't get overwhelmed by so much info out there - learn with us with our successful step by step program guiding the way to a fun and rewarding hobby.  

 Here you will  learn how to setup and begin in hobby beekeeping and be mesmerized with these magical little creatures?
Not only will you reap the rewards of your very own
healthy backyard honey, mmmmm &
an abundance of bigger & juicer fruit & vegies from pollination
but the backyard beekeeping provides so much more.

It truly is amazing!!!

Beekeeping for Beginners
Learn how to setup and begin with your own 
backyard beehive that thrives!

What you will learn

We drill down into what is needed to get started 

with your own bees

Who's who and what do they do in the hive to keep it humming

Setting up your apiary

Getting your bees

Common mistakes

Essential gear you need and what you dont when you begin

Seasonal needs of your colony

Biosecurity checks

and more

Bec's courses are always very practical & she is so generous with her time and knowledge
Thanks you for the course. Ive been keeping bees for a few years now and have learnt some valuable things.
Very informative and great in hive inspections
Excellent, short lessons to the point, visuals as well which really help.  been beekeeping for about 8 years and still learnt something from the course


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