Learn what’s required in Spring to keep your
backyard bees happy & healthy

Spring is the busiest time for beekeepers as the colony grows in preparation for the upcoming  honey flow.  You really need to be on your toes to ensure they have adequate space & resources available for them to expand and build a healthy colony.  

 Here you will learn what’s required to give your bees the best possible start to the season and learn the cues of what to do when and how to do it.

Spring Readiness
Learn how to successfully prepare your bees for a 
happy & healthy season kickoff

What you will learn

We drill down into specific areas to help you make better decisions for your colony's success

Spring bee biology

Early, mid & late Spring checks

Colony needs to grow

Common issues 

Disease checks

Understanding swarming

Brood & space manipulations 

and more

Bec's courses are always very practical & she is so generous with her time and knowledge
Thanks you for the course. Ive been keeping bees for a few years now and have learnt some valuable things.
Very informative and great in hive inspections
Excellent, short lessons to the point, visuals as well which really help.  been beekeeping for about 8 years and still learnt something from the course


Are you wondering what you need to do in Spring?

Join us to learn how you can help your bees spring into spring healthy & happy!