Helpful online beekeeping courses for you to enjoy  your 
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We have created digital beekeeping courses and mini workshops to help you develop your beekeeping techniques so you can understand your bees and make the most of your hobby.  
We've been training beekeepers for more than a decade with some even running their own beekeeping enterprise.  So learn with us for a successful & highly enjoyable beekeeping journey. 
We will help guide you to  keep your bees thriving!

Learn to make better beekeeping decisions  & keep your bees happy & healthy.

We will help you create a buzz in your backyard!!!

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We are here to help you have an amazing connection with your bees.
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Bec's courses are always very practical and she is so generous with her time and knowledge.


The winter packdown course was really informative and has left me feeling confident to pack down my hives this winter. Bec is a wealth of knowledge and the videos were very comprehensive showing different scenarios.


Great way to learn .. able to go over the sections that I wanted to review more than once


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Beekeeping is the most amazing hobby which connects you with nature & gives you an escape for our hectic lifestyles.   It offers so much joy you will wonder why you didn't start it sooner.

Join us & become a BeeSmart Beekeeper to create a buzz in your backyard to be proud of!

"Every Hobby Beekeeper should love having their own backyard beehive. But with so much conflicting info out there we have made it easy to help you join the dots for a successful journey with bees & become a better beekeeper.  Eliminate the confusion and learn with us for the best beekeeping experience possible." 

- Bec McBride - your beekeeping lead educator
Founder of Becs Beehive Supplies (est 2009) & BeeSmart Beekeeping

A lot of backyard beekeepers find beekeeping more challenging they they first 
thought...don't worry as you are not alone.  

This is why we have created these tools and courses to help you understand and connect with your bees naturally to make it a positive and rewarding experience for you & your entire family.

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