Our Leading Beekeeper Bec!

Not only are we passionate beekeepers and lovers of all things bees, but Bec has been training and mentoring hobby beekeepers for more than a decade, even before Beekeeping became popular.   Many of the educators you find around Victoria today, as well as other businesses selling beekeeping gear, began their beekeeping journey with Bec's guidance and classes. She is incredibly proud of the legacy she has created.

Bec also is the founder (2009) of the successful and highly popular beekeeping supply business called Becs Beehive Beekeeping Supplies.  Focusing on high quality beekeeping gear in both the hobby beekeeping, backyard beekeeping and sideliner beekeeping industry.  This business is now located in Gembrook, SE Melbourne by a past beekeeping student, Michelle who also loves and cherishes bees.  You can find them here at www.becsbeehive.com.au

State Quarantine Response Team (SQRT) Member with Agriculture Victoria Bee Bio-Security

When Bec has been trained by Agriculture Victoria as a valuable State Quarantine Response Team (SQRT) Member to emergency response work for Biosecurity Australia.  Bec worked on the 2018 Varroa Survelliance  for the Port of Melbourne as a Bee Biosecurity SQRT member.  She was so proud to be part of the  Agriculture Victoria Bee Biosecurity SQRT team who, as a team,  were awarded the Biosecurity Awards of Australia for the achievements.

In 2022 Australia has a varroa incursion in the Port of Newcastle and the Victorian SQRT Team members were called on assignment to assist in protecting the Victorian boarders from the varroa mite entering.  As a Bee Biosecurity SQRT Agriculture Victoria Trained member Bec was ivolved in many different operations for a number of months particular during the Almond pollination period where more than 180,000 beehives are transported to the Almond district for pollination.  This was a critical period to ensure the varroa mite didn't travel with any commercial beekeepers during this period.  She was awarded the 2022 Excellence in Emergency Management.

In 2023 she also worked as a SQRT Member for varroa surveillance at Almond Pollination helping keep Victoria Mite Free and protecting our boarders.  So far, to date, Victoria remains varroa free.  Lets hope it stays this way.  

Australian Women in Beekeeping Representative at Government House

Bec was honoured to be selected as the Australian Women in Beekeeping Representative to visit Government House on World Bee Day in 2019.  

This was a special World Bee Day Reception hosted by His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd) and Her Excellency Lady Cosgrove at Government House in Canberra celebrating the Important Role bees play in our Food Security.  

Honey Awards

Bec's Bees honey and mead has won many awards throughout the years. Including "best in show" two consecutive years at the Lilydale Show and 3 consecutive years winning a number of awards for Comb Honey, Dark Honey, Light Honey and Creamed Honey at The Beekeepers Club, Connara Bee Club and other events.

Wow, what an achievement! Her bees are just the bees knees!!!

Beekeeping brings tremendous joy to everyone involved, as it fosters a sense of community centered around a shared passion: the love for bees

Bee advocate - spreading the word
Bec, a passionate advocate for bees, happily spreads awareness and love for these vital creatures. She actively engages with the bee community as well as nature enthusiasts. Bec a sought-after speaker at various events, ranging from local gardening groups to permaculture groups, bee clubs, community gatherings, and beekeeping industry events. As a leader, Bec has successfully led the Beekeeping Program at Haileybury College's Newlands and Edrington Campus. Her passion for all things bees is undeniably abundant!

Sharing her time with Bee Clubs
 We are proud members and supporters of these exceptional bee clubs for many years. In fact, Bec played a crucial role in the founding and running of several of these clubs, dedicating her time and knowledge to educate and support local bee enthusiasts. One of her significant contributions was as the co-founder of the Emerald Regional Beekeepers Club, where she served as the main driving force for many years. This club became a hub for bee lovers in the community, providing valuable resources and fostering a sense of togetherness. Bec also played a pivotal role in establishing the Coonara Beekeeping Club, along with Kate Potter, bringing the exciting world of bees to the foothills of our local area. This club has been instrumental in creating awareness and cultivating a deep interest in beekeeping among the local residents.

 Furthermore, Bec helped lead the Yarra Valley Beekeepers Club, alongside Anne and Willow when it began. This club has played a vital role in nurturing and educating individuals passionate about beekeeping in the valley. Bec's love and passion for these clubs have been selflessly shared over the years, as she dedicated her time and expertise on a voluntary basis. "It brings her immense joy to witness these beekeeping clubs thriving under the guidance of new team leaders and volunteers", says Bec, "as they continue to evolve". Their dedication in fostering a sense of community and cultivating a deep appreciation for honey bees is truly special. We applaud the ongoing efforts of these clubs and encourage them to continue their fantastic work. Clubs are a platform where like-minded individuals can come together, united by their shared love and enthusiasm for one thing...bees!

So know you are in good hands with Bec's guidance as she shares her love, passion and knowledge throughout these courses.  We welcome you to learn with us!