Our Beekeeping Programs

We  are so excited to be creating essential and fun courses to help you understand your bees so you can become a better beekeeper.

Other beekeeping training workshops are run throughout the year and generally on demand. If you are wanting to learn something, in particular, please drop me an email.

Stay tuned for our links coming your way. These will include beginner to advanced resources including crafts & other beekeeping related activities. Watch our video here from our early days as a founder of Becs BeeHive Supplies and my early education programs.

We want you to enjoy the magic of bees to make the most of your hobby.   So join in the buzz and become a BeeSmart Beekeeper.

VIP Field Days with our BeeSmart Beekeeping  Hands on Course

Once you have completed our Online Beekeeping for Beginners Course(Step 1) you are then invited to our hands on field day events in Victoria Australia when they are available.  

These days glue everything together from your online course learnings.  We have so much fun and your experience will help you become better beekeepers and help you connect & understand your bees and their needs.  

Our experienced team members with guide you in an interactive environment showing different strength colonies so you can experience many situations requiring a variety of management techniques..

We welcome you to our BeeSmart Community!