Our Beekeeping Programs

We  are so excited to be creating essential and fun courses.   Our mission is to help you understand and connect with your bees in a natural and fun way. We want to ensure that beekeeping becomes a positive and incredibly rewarding experience for you and your entire family. 

Stay tuned for exciting courses available soon.  They'll be packed with beginner to intermediate resources, including fun crafts and other beekeeping-related activities.

Check out this video from my early days as the founder of Becs BeeHive Supplies and my educational programs.  Our goal is to make sure you enjoy the enchantment of bees and maximize your hobby.  

So, let's join in the buzz and become BeeSmart Beekeepers together!

BeeSmart VIB Courses

Our Online Beekeeping for Beginners Course  will offer you the foundation skills to get started with your own backyard bees and then help equip you as you transition into more advanced techniques with beekeeping.

We have been holding bee courses and mentoring since 2009 and have loved sharing our passion of these incredible little creatures to thousands of bee lovers.  

Our goal is to hellp you become a better beekeeper and to improve your connection with your bees and  to understand and almost predict their needs.  

We welcome you to our BeeSmart Community!