OMG you have swarm cells in your hive & your freaking out.. let us help you learn what to do so you dont lose your bees or your calm

Swarming is the natural reproduction of the bee colony in order to survive but backyard beekeepers generally don't really know what to do.   Every beekeeper needs to be aware & understand how to manage your colony without impacting your bees.

 Here you will learn how to identify the cues and alleviate the swarming impulse and be on top of swarm management & prevention techniques to work with your bees natural instincts for a successful outcome for you, your neighbours & your bees.

Be Swarm Prepared 
Learn how to understand whats happening in your hive to determine the next best step in reducing the swarming impulse or dealing with it.

What you will learn

We drill down into specific areas to help you make better decisions for your colony's success & your hobby enjoyment

Swarming influences 

Swarm dynamics

Swarm prevention

Swarm control

Understanding cues

Reading your colony

Post swarming techniques

and more

Not sure what to do if you find swarm cells in your hive?  

Join us to learn to make better beekeeping decisions & work with your bees & not against them