Dreaming of your own backyard beehive?

Welcome to the enchanting world of backyard beekeeping!

Imagine having the most incredible hobby, where you're not only mesmerised by these magical little creatures but also reaping the rewards of healthy backyard honey that will make your taste buds dance with delight.
And that's not all!
Thanks to their diligent pollination, you'll enjoy an abundance of bigger, juicier fruits, and veggies straight from your garden.

We understand that navigating all the information out there can be overwhelming.
But don't worry!

Our successful step-by-step program is here to guide you on this fun and rewarding journey.

Learn with us and let's simplify the process of setting up and starting in hobby beekeeping together.
Backyard beekeeping offers so much more than you can imagine. It's a fascinating world waiting to be explored, where you'll witness the wonders of nature right in your own backyard.

Get ready to be amazed, because with our course, the magic truly begins!

Beekeeping for beginners - Lets get started!!!

Ready to dive into the world of backyard beekeeping?
Our easy-to-follow course will show you how to set up and begin with your very own beehive.  

Since 2009, we've trained thousands of beekeepers who are now happily caring for their own backyard hives.

It's an amazing hobby that keeps on giving, and the best part? The whole family can connect with the bees, even without opening a hive.

The possibilities for exploration are endless, and you'll wonder why you didn't start beekeeping earlier.  

Join us and let's "create a buzz in your backyard" together.
Get ready for a journey filled with joy, wonder, and a newfound love for these incredible creatures!

What you will learn with our comprehensive course

We help you get started with your own backyard bees so you can enjoy the amazing experience.
We guide you through the process from setting up your apiary to getting your bees and helping you learn what's actually going on inside the magic box.  Including how to inspect your hive, handle your bees and connect with them.

Why we need bees

The Legalities as a beekeeper

Honey Bee Biology

Getting your bees

Understanding colony space needs

Hive inspections do's and don'ts

Pests & Diseases & Biosecurity checks

Understanding your colony

Choosing your Apiary location

Essential Beekeeping Equipment 

Transporting your bees home

Reading & analysing the bee frames

Why you do what you do

and so much more

Course Pricing

Beekeeping for beginners

$150 AUD

    • 12 mths unlimited access for one person
    • Get any bonus lessons as they are added during the 12 months
    • Handouts and downloads to help you begin
    • Receive a Certificate of completion
    • And have the ability to become a backyard beekeeper!!!
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Note: we are in the process of adding in more in-hive videos & additional demo videos to support your learning visually.  These will be available for all students currently enrolled with us.