Learn how to successfully packdown your bees for winter survival

Honeybees respond to the seasons & as beekeepers we must ensure our management strategies align with the bees natural requirements throughout the year.  Here you will learn how & why we pack down our bees to ensure they survive the winter period.

Successful Winter Packdown Course

Learn how to successfully prepare your bees for winter

What you will learn

We drill down into specific areas to help you make better decisions with your colony

Winter bee biology

Space adjustment

Feeding & nutrition

Winter tasks

Disease checks

Pre-winter checks

BioSecurity Checks

and more

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Packdown Winter Course

$120 AUD

  • successfully pack down your bees for winter

    • Unlimited access for 12 months
    • Pre & post packdown checks
    • In hive demonstrations
    • Fun Course Quiz
    • Gain knowledge to make better beekeeping decisions
    • Plus have heaps of confidence to pack down your hive
    • Receive a Certificate of Completion
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Thanks Bec, this was a great course and I feel much more confident in packing down my hives for the winter. looking forward to many more of your online courses and valuable tips.
I found the course showed me what I need to do for each step in the pack down process, very clear, and left me avenues for help if I need more
As a newbie going into my second year with a strong hive of 3 boxes high, I was stressing about how to pack the hive down. This course was absolutely timely and provided me with the skills, knowledge and answers on how to successfully do this
Excellent course for a newbee! Great to see multiple visual examples of what to do with various hive presentations at end of season to know how to approach pack down.
Thanks, Bec! You put alot of effort into making this course for us and it is much appreciated!
Marian & Mark 
My second season as a newbie and this provided me with all the information I needed to pack down my girls. Brilliant course
Great work - highly informative and excellent examples with comprehensive content.  Thank you
You did a great job and very informative and enjoyable thanks


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